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Barbie Doll, Blonde, and Grocery Store with Rolling Cart and Working Belt

Barbie Doll, Blonde, and Grocery Store with Rolling Cart and Working Belt

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Barbie Doll, Blonde, and Grocery Store


Color Multicolor
Size Standard
Brand Barbie
Included Components Toy
Theme Doll

About this item

  • Take Barbie doll on a run to the grocery store with this supermarket playset that has all of the ingredients for fun, more than 25 pieces total
  • Place purchases on the checkout stand conveyor belt and slide the lever to move them along until they drop into the shopping bag hanging on hooks at the end.
  • Shop the display: three sides have shelves for food items, a bin for produce and a scale that moves for role-play fun!
  • The inventory includes 20 items, like milk, eggs, apples, yogurt, honey and flowers. Some pieces have handles that fit on Barbie doll's hand and are designed with plug-and-play pegs to fit onto the playset and stay in place for active play.
  • Barbie doll wears a black dress with colorful floral print and white sneakers.

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Product Description

Barbie doll has all the ingredients for fun with a grocery store playset has everything needed to play out a trip to the supermarket! Pieces are designed with working features (like wheels on the cart and a working conveyor belt at the register) along with modern trends for realistic role-play and imaginative storytelling. Help Barbie doll grab the shopping cart -it really rolls! -and browse the display stand, with its bin for produce, shelves for food and a scale that moves for active role-play. Once the cart is full, head over to register 3. Load the items onto the conveyor belt and place the shopping bag on the hook; then slide the lever and watch Barbie doll's purchases fall into the bag. There are so many meals and stories kids can cook up -especially with 20 food accessories to set up and shop. And a plug-and-play design keeps them in place so imaginations can focus on storytelling and all-day play. Barbie doll is ready for any adventure in the aisles wearing a sporty floral dress and white sneakers. Kids will love exploring the grocery store and the world with this supermarket playset because you can be anything with Barbie! Includes Barbie doll wearing fashion and shoes, checkout stand with register and working conveyor belt, display case, rolling shopping cart, shopping bag and food pieces. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Barbie Supermarket Set Comes with a Doll, Working Features and 25+ Pieces!
​Barbie doll inspires exploration of the world, and this play set lets young imaginations wander the aisles of their grocery store. With Barbie doll, a grocery display case, supermarket register with working features, rolling shopping cart and lots of accessories -- more than 25 -- it’s so easy to plan a trip to the market and find all the ingredients for fun!

Explore How Things Work with a Moving Conveyor Belt and Rolling Shopping Cart!
​Barbie doll can start her trip to the store by grabbing her shopping cart. The silvery accessory has working wheels and can be pushed around as its filled. There's also a basket for those quick trips where just one or two things are needed. Once all the selections have been made, check out at the register -- it has a working conveyor belt. Just load up the doll's groceries, attach the shopping bag to the hooks, move the lever and watch the items fall into the bag. It's so cool and so much fun to repeat over and over!

​Inspire So Many Stories with So Many Pieces!
​The display case can be fully stocked with multiple sides to encourage play from all angles. There's a working drawer for produce and a hanging scale to play out weighing tasty looking fruits, like green or red apples. Other popular items include milk, eggs, cereal, yogurt, tomato sauce, spaghetti, a honey bear jar, juice, water, laundry detergent, paper towels, soap and even a bouquet of flowers.
Barbie play sets let kids build and design a world with dollhouses, vehicles, transforming sets and so many stylish furnishings and accessories.

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