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Baby Born Interactive Baby with 9 Nurturing Ways- Baby Born can eat, drink, cry, sleep, bathe, move, pee in her diaper, or go potty

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Baby Born has touched the hearts of millions of children around the world making them proud doll parents. Enjoy a baby of your very own with the Baby Born Interactive baby doll. Your doll's nine lifelike features will make it feel like you're taking care of a real baby. Baby Born can eat, drink, cry, sleep, bathe, move, pee in her diaper, or go potty by controlled peeing and pooing without batteries!

  • Baby Born features an adorable baby doll with 9 lifelike features
  • Includes: birth Certificate, bottle, pacifier, diaper, plate, spoon, potty seat, baby food packet
  • Lifelike doll feels like taking care of a real baby
  • Ready to play right away!
  • No batteries required

She Eats

Baby Born really eats from her spoon.

She Drinks

Baby Born drinks real water from her bottle.

She Cries Real Tears

Sit her up after drinking, and Baby Born cries real tears.

She Goes Potty

Press her tummy and Baby Born really uses her potty.

She Wets her Diaper

When Interactive Baby wets her diaper, you can change her.

She Poses for Pics

Interactive Baby’s movable arms and legs help her pose so cute for all her pics.

She Goes to Sleep

Lay Baby Born down, and her eyes close. So sweet.

She Takes a Bath

Baby Born can really take a bath. She loves her Musical Foaming Bathtub (sold separately).



  • Baby Doll
  • 3 Piece Outfit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Plate and Spoon
  • Food Packet
  • Diaper
  • Potty Seat

More information about this product

Your child will love this Interactive Baby Doll from BABY born®. This sweet baby doll has 9+ lifelike features: she can be fed, bathed, put down for nap time, have her diaper changed and more, all without batteries. Fill her bottle with water and, after she drinks, she’ll be able to cry real tears, wet her diaper or use the potty. She also loves posing for pictures or sucking on her pacifier when it's time for bed.

9 Ways To Nurture

  1. Cry real tears
  2. Drink
  3. Pee
  4. Eat
  5. Poop
  6. Sleep
  7. Bathe
  8. Pose - Movable arms & legs
  9. Change diaper