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Jewish Aleph Bet Educational Hebrew Wipe-Off Learning Board

Jewish Aleph Bet Educational Hebrew Wipe-Off Learning Board

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Hebrew Alphabet Educational Wipe-Off Learning Board for Kids

Hebrew is the traditional language of the Jewish people. Unlike the English alphabet, the Hebrew alphabet is read from right to left. All the letters in the Hebrew alphabet are consonants.
You will also learn how to write Hebrew letters correctly. Educational Wipe-Off Learning Board is thick, high quality.
It packs easily for travel as it is lightweight and flat. Use dry erase markers, and wipe clean with wet paper towels, or wash with warm water and dish soap for bacteria free learning. For extra fun, give your child a spray bottle and eraser so he or she can spray it, wash off their work, and start over. Learn something every day!
  • ALEPH BET WIPE-OFF LEARNING BOARD - Board Measure's 9" x 12" and Includes Marker - Practice Writing the Aleph Bet - One Side is Printed with Script Aleph Bet and the other Side is Printed with Block Aleph Bet
  • Printed one side with script aleph bet and the other side with block aleph bet
  • Packaged in a bag





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