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Aleph Bet Large Hebrew Flashcards - Follows the Sephardic pronunciation

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Aleph Bet Large Hebrew Cards


Brand Jet
Size 7" x 3.25" x 0.5"
Number of Pieces 1
Sub Brand Flash



Learn the aleph bet with these large flashcards. Guides to pronunciation of the letters on the back of each card.

Aleph-Bet flash cards help children master the Hebrew alphabet; vowels included. Designed for children to use alone or with an adult or friend.

Follows the Sephardic pronunciation. 


  • Aleph Bet Flash Cards.
  • 32 Laminated Flash Cards.
  • Size: 2. 75" x 4".
  • Ages 3+.



Product Description

Aleph Bet Flash Cards, made by Jewish Educational Toys. 3. 25" x 4. 75". 42 laminated cards.