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3 Ring on Glitter Bangles with Heart Charm, Multicolor With Frozen, Fancy Nancy, Princess, Minnie, LOL, My Little Pony (1Pcs)

3 Ring on Glitter Bangles with Heart Charm, Multicolor With Frozen, Fancy Nancy, Princess, Minnie, LOL, My Little Pony (1Pcs)

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3 Ring on Glitter Bangles with Heart Charm Wrist Accessory


Fancy bangles can give an added charm to an already cute little girl. It's as fabulous as the expensive ones. These 3-piece glittered bangles in solid candy colors with a plastic Disney character charm is the ultimate fashion accessory every child can have. It's easy to use and doesn't need an adult's assistance just to wear them. A totally chic kid accessory that can help you doll-up your cutie tots. It can be worn in one or multiple pieces. Its playful design and colors are a surefire way to win a little girl's heart.

FANCY WRIST ACCESSORY – These beautiful glitter bangles in assorted solid candy colors are the cutest accessory a child could have. It is gorgeous glittered plated and sparkles gracefully. Jewelry features characters like Frozen, Fancy Nancy, Minnie and more. A plastic faceted charm in assorted fun loving characters is playfully swaying at the center making it an adorable accent piece. Great for giveaways, grab bags, birthday parties, and special school occasions.

BUNDLE GLITTER BRACELETS- Children especially toddlers love being adorned with different varieties of jewelries. These plastic bangles are the cost saving option especially if it is for everyday use. Great for girls who love to dress up. They are less expensive but just as fabulous and will be loved and cherished by girls and boys. These are the perfect add-on gift for little girls on their birthday. Perfect to gift to celebrants and classmates. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

1 PACK OF 3 STYLISH STATEMENT PIECES – These awesome glittered-bangles can be worn as one or in multiples together. A perfect fashion statement for kids. It can be for daily use or for special events. These hard bracelet bangles can be worn with any outfit. Comes with 1 assorted packs. Each pack comes with 3 fun loving bracelets. Receive a total of 1 adorable bracelets perfect for your next giveaway.

FUSS-FREE HAND ORNAMENT – Parents do not have to monitor every single movement of their kids. These plastic bangles allow kids to enjoy their playing time without worrying for lost or unclipping jewelry. Children can wear and remove these bangles easily without the need for assistance. BPA free and non-toxic toy which is safe to use for children.

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 2.7 x 2.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.7 ounces
  • Age 3 and up

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