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12" Tall My Soft Torah Soft Plush Kids Toy - For Simchat Torah or all Year Round

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Jewish Soft Torah Plush

Whether for Simchat Torah or all Year Round, these medium sized Plush Torahs are memorable products that will be treasured by children.

Watch those kids dance with joy with this adorable plush Torah. The letters of the alef bet are scattered all over the Torah. Price is for one Torah; colors may vary.

Embroidered with joyous faces on the front, this Torah will bring a smile to the face of a child as well.


  • Soft plush Torah
  • Measures 4 1/2" L x 3 1/2" W x 12 1/2" H
  • Price is for one Torah
  • Colors may vary
  • Polyester



Facts & Features

  • 2 Assorted Colors