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Kidsmania Shark Bite Candy Filled - Random Color Pick (3 oz) 1 Pcs

Kidsmania Shark Bite Candy Filled - Random Color Pick (3 oz) 1 Pcs

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Shark Bite Attack Candy Lollipop


Shark Bite are half toy and lollipop! Great for kid’s parties and party favors. "ALL sharks are mean, some of them are sweet! Have your own shark encounter with these fun shark bite toys. With the push of a button, they will stick their necks out for you and defend you! Literally!

On top of that, they have a yummy lollipop to share.
1 Shark Bite
Flavors: Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry
Made in China

Looking for a fun toy and sweet lollipop all in one! That’s what you’ll get with Kidsmania Shark Bite Lollipop. Come on, we’re all kids at heart. Give yourself a fantastic treat. This is also a laugh-inducing pick for friends and family.

Just push the bottom and the shark comes to life! Chomp, chomp, chomp! Shark love nothing more than chomping. So let shark-y go crazy and give him more than a few bites. The shark’s neck reaches out, too, so there’s no escape!

When you’ve devoured the lollipop candy, you’ll still have the fun and crazy shark toy. It’s a super-fun souvenir.

  • Net Weight .3 oz.
  • Each candy filled plane measures approximately 3.5"
  • Each box contains an assortment of the following colors - Black, Grey and Red
  • Each unit has a "pull back action" that spins the propellers
  • SKU: 618205
  • UPC:686464618205, 686464824002
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Product Dimensions8.1 x 6.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight:1.4 Pounds
  • For Ages: 3 and up

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