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Kiki's Magic Emporium Diy Miniature House Wooden

Kiki's Magic Emporium Diy Miniature House Wooden

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DIY Miniature Kiki's Magic Emporium - Miniature House Wooden for Teens and Adults

Rolife Kiki's Magic Emporium DG155 is a mysterious DIY Miniature House from the Mystic Archives Series. Combined with the classic color scheme and elements, the designer created a store for the innocent and cute little witch Kiki after she became a solo operator.


Easy assembly design
With the new upgraded insertion design, the whole assembly process is easy and smooth.

Granting Wishes with Magic!
There are over 10 magical props that can be used to inquire and fulfill the desires of visiting guests.

Perfect Home Decor
This exquisite miniature house is not just a hobby, it's a piece of home decor that will capture the hearts of everyone who sees it.



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