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Super Cool Magical Llamacorn Creatures Slime -Pastel and Colorful Glitter Slimes for Birthday Parties and Events for Kids, Boys and Girls

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Magical Creatures Slime

Our Super Cool Magical Creatures Slime 1 Pack includes  bottles of Purrmaid Slime in glitter pastels like pink, blue, and purple and bottles of Llamacorn Slime in with swirls of pink, blue, and purple. We recommend our slime for those ages 5 and up.
Our slime is non-sticky and won't stick to your hands. Ingredients include: Guar Gum, Glycerin, Aseptic, Sodium Borate, and Water.
Our  Pack is perfect for birthday parties and events!
  • We combined the best magical creatures there ever were into a fun slime pack! Featuring our Purrmaid Slime and Llamacorn Slime
  • Includes 1 colorful glitter pastel slimes - Purrmaid Slimes in blue, pink, and purple and Llamacorn Slimes!
  • 1 slimes to play with, gift, share, or use as party favors! Perfect for Birthday parties, sleepovers, and other events!
  • Perfect sensory toy and stress reliever! Pull, twist, squeeze, and smush the slime for hours of fun!
  • Non-sticky, our slime won't stick to your hands!