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Shopkins Real Littles Mega Pack | 13 Plus 13 Real Branded Mini Packs (26 Total Pieces). Style May Vary

Shopkins Real Littles Mega Pack | 13 Plus 13 Real Branded Mini Packs (26 Total Pieces). Style May Vary

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Shopkins Real Littles Mega Pack - Real Branded Mini Packs 



Brand Shopkins
Color Multicolor
Material Polypropylene, Paper, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polyvinyl Chloride
Assembly Required No
Manufacturer Minimum Age 60.0

About this item

  • With Real Littles you can collect your favorite real Brands as Shopkins!
  • Inside the Mega Pack you will find 13 Shopkins and 13 Real Branded Mini Packs!
  • A new range of Snacks have been rolled out! All New Real Littles for you to collect!
  • Includes 6 Hidden Surprise inside! Who will you find?
  • There are over 65 Real Littles to collect across series 16.
  • Will you find a special Limited Edition Gemtastic Shopkin inside?

Product Specifications


    Product Description

    Anytime is Snack Time when the Real Littles Snack Cart rolls up! Do yourself a favor and grab all your favorite flavors with this Snack Time Mega Pack! Now with more brands that you love made micro! A whole lot of Snacks have been rolled out with more than 65 All-New Real Littles Shopkins and Mini Packs for you to collect! Inside this huge Mega Pack are 13 Shopkins packed in 13 Mini Packs! Now with even more varieties from different categories, there are heaps of new treats to find. Discover new candy and sweets, delicious desserts, breakfast foods, savoury snacks, frozen treats, drinks and slushies! There are Rare, Ultra Rare, Special Edition and even Limited Editions to find! Will you be lucky enough to find a Gemtastic Shopkin? In this Mega Pack you will find 26 Pieces including 6 hidden surprises and 1 Collector's Guide. They are so adorable and small, you just have to get them all! Real Littles are the brands you love, made Micro!



    More Big Brands

    Take a visit to the Real Littles Micro Mart to discover even more of your favorite big brands as Shopkins!

    You will find all types of different Mini Packs that look exactly like the real brands from the supermarket, just made Micro! There are heaps of new treats to find. Discover delicious desserts, sweets and candy, savoury snacks, frozen foods, drinks and slushies!

    There are over 65 new Real Littles to collect this season, so let's hit the Snack Cart and start shopping!




    Roll Out More Snacks
    More Real Littles Snacks have been rolled out! Check out all the new brands on the Snack Cart! Find loads of new Shopkins inside Micro Packs of your favorite brands. Now that Real Littles are in their own Cart, the sweet, sweet fun is coming to you!

    Find Limited Edition Shopkins
    Look out for Limited Edition "Gemtastic" Real Littles! Shimmery and jewel-like, it's these guys time to shine! These cute Shopkins will brighten your day when you discover one! There are three different "Gemtastic" Real Littles to find.

    6 Hidden Surprises
    Inside the Real Littles Snack Time Mega Pack, you'll find 13 Real Littles and 13 Mini Packs. 20 are on display but 6 are hidden inside! What surprises are hiding inside for you to find?

    Realistic and Real Cute
    Shopkins Real Littles Mini Packs are highly detailed realistic miniature versions of the brands you love. All the different types of packaging are depicted and made micro with the same graphics as the real full size product! Inside you will find the cutest Shopkins version of that brand! All with the sweetest faces waiting to greet you!


    Product Dimensions 1.97 x 1.57 x 2.36 inches
    Item Weight 12.8 ounces
    UPC 630996578353
    Item model number 57835
    Manufacturer recommended age 5 - 15 years
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