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National Geographic Educational STEM Science Kit Assortment - Pick Your Favorite Science Kit

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National Geographic Educational STEM Kit 


This is the perfect project for kids of all ages and serves as a great introduction to geology and chemistry. This kit from National Geographic will spark a love of science in your child that will last a lifetime.

National Geographic Toys makes the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all products are backed by exceptional service.

About the National Geographic Society: With a mission to inspire people to care about the planet, the National Geographic Society is one of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.





NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Growing Lab

  • GLOWING CRYSTALS - The perfect family activity. Become a scientist and grow amazing crystals that actually glow-in-the-dark!
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING - There’s no better way to learn. Children love exploring the wonders of science through hands-on projects
  • EXPLORE CHEMISTRY - National Geographic’s premium learning guide will teach your kids the fascinating science behind this experiment
  • REAL FLUORITE CRYSTAL - You get a real fluorite crystal to compare to the crystals you grow and to add to your rock collection
  • RESPECTED QUALITY - Providing children with the best educational toys, this kit comes with National Geographic’s 100% satisfaction guarantee



Learn all about crystals and grow your very own!

National Geographic’s Crystal Growing Kits bring you an unparalleled crystal growing experience. Our full-color learning guides are packed with fascinating crystal facts giving you the most comprehensive crystal kits on the market! We even include real crystal specimens to display with your home grown crystals.

Each Science Kit Includes:


  • Fast Crystal Growing Powder
  • A seed rock
  • A genuine crystal specimen
  • 1 stir stick
  • A full-color learning guide
  • Easy to follow instructions.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Crystal Growing Garden – Grow Two Crystal Trees


  • Kids will excavate a realistic T. rex replica tooth from inside the dig brick.
  • Children become immersed in the prehistoric era and will discover amazing dinosaur facts with National Geographic’s full-color learning guide.
  • All the tools your child needs to find the T. rex tooth are included, including an excavation tool, brush, and magnifying glass.
  • A genuine coprolite (dino poop) fossil is also included in the kit.

    National Geographic Volcano Science Kit – Build an Erupting Volcano with this Volcano Kit for Kids, Multiple Eruption Experiments to Try, Great for Science Projects

    This volcano eruption kit includes:


    • Plaster
    • Volcano mold
    • Paints and paintbrush
    • Eruption powder
    • 2 volcanic rock specimens (Geode and Pumice)
    • Full-color learning guide.


    Get your Volcano Science Kit today!




    National Geographic STEM Dino Fossil Tooth Poop Dig Learning Science Kit


    This Dinosaur Dig Kit includes:

    • An excavation brick containing a dinosaur bone, mosasaur tooth, and dino poop fossils
    • An adventure guide filled with dinosaur facts and written by teachers
    • An activity booklet with 10 exciting puzzles, mazes, and challenges to solve
    • Archeological digging tool, brush, and magnifying glass




    National Geographic Shark Teeth Digging Kit, STEM Toy Kit for Kids

    Excavate 3 Real Shark Teeth Fossils from the Ocean’s Most Fearsome Predators! National Geographic’s Shark Tooth Dig Kit lets children dig up fossils from three different species of shark. A full-color learning guide is packed with amazing shark facts and pictures, too. Kids will love identifying the teeth of the sand tiger, otodus, and crow sharks, all while learning about what make sharks the ocean’s most feared predators.

    NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Purple Crystal Growing Lab - DIY Crystal Creation - Includes Real Amethyst Crystal Specimen

    Each Science Kit Includes:


    • Fast Crystal Growing Powder
    • A seed rock
    • A genuine crystal specimen
    • 1 stir stick
    • A full-color learning guide
    • Easy to follow instructions.