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Melamine Children's Dish Plate Set - 'Noshy Boy' From Jewish Matzah Ball Book Collection by Alef Judaica

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Jewish Melamine Children's Plate Dish Set


This Melamine Dishware Set Is Perfect For Your Little Noshy Boy! With Fun Graphics And A Sectioned Plate, A Bowl, Spoon, And Fork, This Set Will Bring Smiles To His Face At Meal-Time.

Plastic Childrens Dish Set,Pink and White, Includes Bowl, 3-Compartment Plate, Fork and Spoon, Features a Character From Matzo Ball Book Collection

Yum, I'm Noshy Boy. I'm always snacking -- before meals, during meals, after meals. When I get to the point that I can barely close my pants, I know it's time for a change. In my book, I learn to make healthier food choices and feel better for it.