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Jerusalem Kotel Floor Puzzle - Jewish Educational Kids Puzzle 24 pieces

Jerusalem Kotel Floor Puzzle - Jewish Educational Kids Puzzle 24 pieces

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Jerusalem Kotel Floor Puzzle

This is a fun puzzle that provides hours of entertainment and enjoyment to adults, teens, and kids. Any 24 piece puzzle is easy to complete. puzzle for all to enjoy. Adults and kids of all ages will find this one of the easiest 24 piece puzzles they've completed. 


Complete it by yourself, or with friends and family. Or, you can even use it as a team building exercise to help foster patience and cooperation. Also a great tool to increase hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and problem solving skills. You could even frame this puzzle and put it on your wall as a beautiful piece of art to add to your home decor.



  • CHALLENGE & EDUCATION: Put your skills to the test with the hardest 24 piece puzzles for adults. Jigsaw puzzles let the mind relax, are also an important educational learning tool for toddlers and young children, providing many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities.
  • MATERIAL: High quality 24 piece wooden board pressing with unique precision cut shapes. 
  • FUN HOURS: A great way to spend quality time with your loved ones! The surface is covered with a film, which is waterproof and does not fade, which can be used for a long time. Beautiful unique motifs-quality printing, precision fit. Ideal gift for anniversary, birthday, party, valentine's day to your family, relatives, etc.
  • DECOMPRESSION & CREATION: This helps to leave the stress of everyday life behind, and to stimulate your creativity. It has also been an awesome way to take a quick break from the grind of work and refocus. They tap into our creativity and rewire our brains to make "connections" The most valuable parent-child game.
  • 24-piece Kotel floor puzzle, 24" x 18", quality big pieces, nicely laminated


Features :
  • Extra small plastic puzzle pieces, smaller than most people's fingertip.
  • No glue required.
  • Snug interlocking, do not fall apart when picked up.
  • Frame and easel included.
  • Water resistant printing.
  • Finished Puzzle Size: 14" x 19"
  • Comes with a beautiful four




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