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Flip Over Puppy Battery Operated Dog With Walking, Sitting, Barking Functions-Plush Cute Little Dog-Great Gift for Pet Loving & Toddlers

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This yapping, walking, and somersaulting puppy is the perfect toy to have around! Guaranteed to stay at the top of the toy box. With its improved mobility, playtime can take place on ANY surface. No chance of allergies or irritations by these pets, 100% safe. Please read on bottom of the box for directions.

Woof Woof! Kid's absolutely adore dogs and this would be no different. Just put in 2 AA batteries and watch this puppy do backflips nonstop!

Product Size: 6"
Box Dimension: 7.5" x 7" x 4.5"
Lights: N/A
Colors Available: Brown & White
Battery: AA x2 (batteries not included)
Features: Does Backflips