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Rainbow Slug Keychain Fidget Stress Reliever Sensory - Christmas Holiday Birthday Gifts for Toddler

Rainbow Slug Keychain Fidget Stress Reliever Sensory - Christmas Holiday Birthday Gifts for Toddler

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Fidget Slug Keychain Emotion Anxiety Relief Tool for Kids 


Theme Caterpillar fidget toy, Fidget slug,sensory slug,slug fidget,, Sensory slug, Caterpillar toy, Fidget slug toy See more
Material Plastic
Color Rainbow
Cartoon Character Fidget slug

About this item

  • 2022 New Fidget Slug Toy A very playable,very decompression decompression toy,so you no longer worry and worry.You can twist the Slug body at will,while swinging the fidget slug toy on your hand,it will make a crisp sound,Touch and hearing give anxiety a very comfortable decompression feeling.
  • Trengthen hand exercise This Slug fidget toys can not only relieve stress, but also strengthen hand exercises and relieve pain.They are especially suitable for people who often use computers or other jobs;they can be easily pulled and rotated,making them ideal stress-relieving toy.
  • Clever design the sensory slug use of drop-resistant plastic material, The ingenious joint spherical design of the internal connection, if you use too much force to separate the joints, please don't worry, this toy can be reassembled!
  • Easily relieve stress: This fidget slug uses a clever spherical design inside, which can be twisted as you want. Put this elastic fingertip toy on your hand to sway, stroke, and listen to give anxiety a very comfortable feeling of decompression. The sensory toys can be held in your hand, which is easy to carry. Therefore, you can use it as a travel toy in the office, school, home, library, station, or even as a travel toy.
  • Heart-warming gift: Everyone needs such slug toy to relieve the pressure of life, work, and study. It is very suitable for Christmas Holiday birthday party gifts, classroom rewards, classroom treasure boxes, carnival prizes, Christmas gifts, gift pack fillings.



About this product

  • Fidget Slug Keychain 
  • 4 Inch -Size Ratio



Which is very popular with kids!

Slug fidget toy has an ingenious spherical design inside.The Game Can Exercise Children'S Logical Thinking Ability, Children's Thinking Will Be More Flexible.


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