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Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids and Beginners - Great for Introduction to Crafts and Home Activities

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Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids



  • Create a Crafty Side: The Pottery Wheel is a wonderful way to introduce children to incredibly fun and beneficial craft of ceramic making. IG Design wants the love for pottery and ceramics to keep going so this kit includes clay refill for you Pottery Wheel for Beginners set.
  • Doable and Durable: This is the Strongest and Most Durable pottery wheel available for children, making the process of creating fun throughout. The clay is air-dry, which means that you dont need to worry about children playing with or hurting themselves on the oven.
  • Excellent Features to Last You Years: Features a safety stop feature prevents the motor from running if too much pressure is applied, helping you learn valuable pottery skills and preventing the motor from overheating.
  • Show Your Artistic Side: Perfect pottery wheel for kids. The more clay you have for your IG Design Pottery Wheel for Beginners, the more pots, mugs, sculptures, etc. you have around your home to admire. Aside from creating original ceramic creations.
  • This kit from IG Design also includes : Real Working Pottery Wheel. Features 2 Speed Levels. Requires 2 D Batteries (not included) Ages 7+

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