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Continuum Games Smartphone Trivia Dice - Roll the Die, Scan it, Trivia Questions Using Smartphone

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Smartphone Trivia Dice

Smartphone Trivia Dice is a fun technology enabled trivia game that uses the scanner on your Smartphone and a unique scan-able cube. Roll the die, scan it, and answer trivia questions on your Smartphone. The side of the die determines your trivia category. Get your question right, go again. Miss it; pass the die to the next player. The first to answer one question correctly in each of the six categories wins!

  • For 1+ Players
  • Recommended for Ages 6+

  • TRIVIA ANYWHERE: Get together for some trivia! With this Smartphone Trivia Dice, play trivia anywhere, anytime using the camera on your smartphone. It’s great for 1 to 100 players.
  • PARTY GAME: Smartphone Trivia is a unique party game that’s different than other big group games. Your family and friends will find this guessing game easy to play and difficult to stop, it’s that much fun!
  • FUN FOR ALL: Kids, tweens, teens, and adults alike love this exciting game. It’s portable, so boys and girls can travel with this trivia. See which child has the most smarts while playing!
  • GREAT FOR YOUTH: There’s no need for toys when you have Smartphone Trivia. With your cell phone, whether iPhone or Android, you can get this game! Children can take part and play.
  • UNIQUE DICE: This die isn’t an ordinary one! It has QR codes that allow you to play some Smartphone Trivia. Answer questions and have a good time as you guess answers.

Product Dimensions 1.1 x 3.58 x 6.73 inches
Item Weight 1.51 ounces
Item Code CG0314
UPC Code 60140000
Manufacturer recommended age 6 years and up