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Bundle of Chalk Games Bean Bag Toss Foot Hockey and Obstacle Course-1 Pcs

Bundle of Chalk Games Bean Bag Toss Foot Hockey and Obstacle Course-1 Pcs

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Creative, colorful games are easy to bring along on your outdoor adventures with the Obstacle Course from Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Grab 'n Go Games. The kit includes everything you'll need to create a challenging obstacle course and encourages imaginative outside playtime. Kids get inspired with color while they enjoy fresh air and physical exercise. Kit includes all you need to create a challenging obstacle course.

Get Active With Creative Outdoor Play Crayola Chalk Grab 'n Go Games get you moving with active, collaborative play. Kids will have fun as they create a challenging obstacle course with four colors of sidewalk chalk, and they'll expend healthy physical energy. Portable Kit With Obstacle Course Accessories And Fun Ideas Take the fun wherever you go - the Obstacle Course kit is easy to tote from the driveway to the park or on a trip.

Kids can set up the disc cones and use the sidewalk chalk to draw a course and tricky obstacles. The idea sheet will get kids started, but the only limit is their imaginations. Kids Love Bright, Colorful Crayola Chalk Crayola's bold, vibrant colors enliven sidewalk art. To erase stray lines or clean up when playtime is over, simply wipe or spray the outdoor surface with water.

What's In The Box Four disc cones Four sidewalk chalk sticks Idea sheet At A Glance Convenient, portable game kit Create an obstacle course to master Encourages physical activity and creative play Brighten the outdoors with colorful Crayola sidewalk chalk Ages four and up.

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