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Squeezable Planet Earth Globe Ball Toy, Anti-Stress Ball, Blue (2.5 inches)

Squeezable Planet Earth Globe Ball Toy, Anti-Stress Ball, Blue (2.5 inches)

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Squeezable Planet Earth Globe Ball Toy Anti-Stress Ball, Blue


Stress relief balls with universal balloon design.

Stress relief balls work with simple compression of the hands in a pumping motion. This exercises muscles and increases essential blood flow, resulting in less pain in the affected regions, and also decreases stress and tension throughout the body.

Therapeutic: a therapeutic aid for children and adults suffering from carpal tunnel and stress.

Easy to use: massage and pump the ball into the hand exercises of the inflamed muscles.

Exciting: huge to throw, squeeze and throw fun for children 2 years and older.

Party decoration: place them as a unique decoration for your children's table.

Indoors Exterior: The toy is designed to be directly exposed to water and withstand the elements.


  • Stress relief: relieves the tension associated with the carpal tunnel, anxiety and other muscle and nerve injuries. Rolling and massaging the ball also relieves the stress and anxiety of a long day of school or work.
  • Increase blood flow: Squeeze the ball with a pumping action that stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in your hands and arms, rehabilitating pain, helping you feel more energized and alive.
  • Exciting: Stress balls are packs of joy at children's parties and keep those busy bodies busy all day long. Your kids can wrap themselves in essential hours of healthy play and exercise with tight balls.
  • Rehabilitative: can be used as a therapeutic treatment for people recovering from injuries to the arms or hands. Promotes the growth and strengthening of damaged and worn muscle tissues in the regions of the hands and arms.
  • 60MM foam globe balls.
  • Ages 4+ Anker Play Globe Ball Kids Toy




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