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Air Force One United States of America Medium Vehicle & Airplane Playset Toy

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Air force One United States of America Airport Play-set

Complete with the Presidential Plane, Secret Service Car, Helicopter and more!

Your kids will have hours of enjoyment from this colorful, durable die-cast metal and plastic play-set with official licensed insignias. Set includes a presidential plane presidential limo, Secret Service jeep, helicopter and a variety of vehicles and signs.

  • Made from durable diecast metal and plastic
  • Set includes a presidential plane, Secret Service jeep, helicopter and a variety of signs
  • Comes with official licensed insignias
  • 3 to adult


Officially Licensed

What does it really mean?

Daron is officially licensed with many of the world's favorite airlines. What this means is that our toys are licensed to feature their logos and designs to give our toys more authenticity. Our Daron Planes Airport Play Sets are not just "airplane" toys. They are replicas of the planes you and your family experience!

What else do you need to know?

Officially Licensed Products also mean that when you purchase our items, a percentage of the sales goes to the airlines. Not only are you supporting Daron, you are supporting your favorite airlines and their brand.


Why we want our products to be officially licensed:

  • Product Authenticity
  • Supports Airline Brands
  • Better Quality
  • Daron Planes


Mix and match different airport play sets, Daron Planes single planes, and other accessories to create your own custom, unique airport!


A variety of airport accessories are included in each and every set. Mix your favorites from all our sets to create a unique and exciting airport experience.

All planes & vehicles are made from die-cast metal with plastic parts. This allows for unparalleled detail and accuracy.