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Bright Solid Tissue Gifts Paper, 8 Sheet - 3 Color

Bright Solid Tissue Gifts Paper, 8 Sheet - 3 Color

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Bright Solid Tissue Gifts Paper

Keep gift tissue paper on hand for any celebration! This tissue paper package includes 8 sheets of crisp, white tissue perfect for fluffing up gift presentations, crafting, decorating, art projects, place settings, gift baskets and more.

For gift bags, use the sheets of tissue paper to cover and cushion your gift and give the present bag a decorative flourish. Line shirt boxes with tissue paper and then fold and seal the paper with tape for a polished look.

For an instantly fun party atmosphere, shape the gift-wrap tissue paper into tissue paper balls, tissue paper flowers and tissue paper garland. Buy multiple packs and save tissue for future holidays, birthdays and any special occasion. It’s a must-have item for any gift packaging supply!



  • 8 sheets of recycled tissue paper
  • Each sheet measures 20 in. X 20 in.
  • Color tissue paper is ideal for gift wrapping, decorating, gift baskets, and more
  • Great for Any Occasion: With eight different colors to choose from, this tissue paper pack for gift bags is perfect for any occasion - graduation, birthdays, and more!
  • Perfect for wrapping gifts or creating crafts such as tissue paper garland, flowers, or paper balls





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